Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Beauty Ban! (not an April fools)

Hey Beauties!

I have some bad news. Some very bad news....I'm a shopaholic. Well, we all knew that. However, I recently stopped and thought about the amount of money I've been spending on beauty/fashion products lately and suffice to say, it's not okay.  I'm also trying to pay my way through graduate school, and working in a restaurant just doesn't cut it sometimes. Tonight I had a look at my beauty vanity, and looked through the amount of products I have in there.  
The conclusion: There are TOO many! 
I need to cut it down. So, I have decided that for the month of April there will be no buying unnecessary things. If I need foundation or powder, I will buy those things, but no buying things I simply want or feel I need to have (when really I don't).  

My goals for this month:
  1. Rediscover products.
  2. Give products I've only used a few times more of a chance.
  3. Try to hit pan on 5 products.
  4. Review products I already have.
  5. No getting sucked in by coupons/ special offers!
  6. Save some money!
Sometimes I get lost in a sea of new/ exclusive products, and I feel the need to have it all! However, when you look at the ridiculous amount of eyeshadow I have, there is no way I will ever get through it all.  It's time to stop feeling the need to have the latest product before trying to get through something I already have.  Chances are, the product will be there in a month or so, and I can buy it then.  

Wish me luck beauties.  Will you embark on this journey with me? Let me know in a comment! 


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  1. Good luck! Looking forward to you sharing the products you rediscover! x

    1. Thanks Emma! I'm excited about it :)

  2. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. I will definitely look at your blog! Thanks for reading :)

  3. I am SO with you on this. I have tons of nail polishes that I haven't even used, not because I don't like them, but because I keep buying more. I found you through Monday Beauties blog hop.

    1. RIGHT?! I have so much. Although, I'm already dying because I just found some wonderful deals online. Hopefully I can stay strong! Thanks for reading :)

  4. Good luck in your quest. I haven't cut myself off yet but I really question every purpose and put more back on the shelf than I take home. Trying to use up some stuff and make some space in my drawer.

    Thanks for following me. I'm following you as well ;)

    1. Lori Ann, good plans! I need to do something drastic! Thanks for reading :)!!